Why Choose Jory Henley

Our team excels in pre-sale home design, specialising in large apartment model room layouts and pre-sale decoration services. We can handle up to 20 property projects simultaneously.

A well-executed pre-sale design is the key to establishing an emotional connection with potential buyers. Our company offers competitive prices, high-quality designs, and personalised services. We cater to all property sellers, Whether staging an entire vacant house or decorating specific areas like bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens.

Experience affordable rates paired with top-notch design expertise for your property needs.

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Jory Henley Furniture

In addition to our Home Staging services, we actively engage in Furniture Retail

Our aim is for all Jory Henley products to possess first-class design, at an affordable price. We have traveled all around the world with our talented designers looking for inspiration, and brought to our maker directly. Simple and modern design elements are perfectly combined with functionality in the design of every piece of our furniture. We believe Jory Henley is simply the best vale furniture brand in New Zealand.