• Lasting First Impression

    Home staging is essential for making a memorable first impression in the competitive real estate market.

    Carefully arranged furniture and tasteful decor immediately captivate potential buyers, influencing their perception and setting a positive tone for the entire property.

  • Highlighting Property Potential

    Home staging showcases a property's potential by strategically arranging furniture and decor.

    Whether emphasising space in smaller rooms or highlighting key features, staging ensures the property is presented at its best, appealing to a diverse range of potential buyers.

  • Accelerating Sales with Enhanced Value

    Home staging is an investment that pays off by accelerating the sales process and maximizing property value. Staged homes not only attract more attention, selling faster, but also command higher prices. This strategic approach ensures a swift sale while optimizing the financial returns for sellers.

We Are Your Pre-Sale Home Design Experts


Excelling in Pre-Sale Home Design


Handling Up to 20 Property Projects Simultaneously


Crafting Designs to Establish Emotional Connections with Buyers


Offering Competitive Prices, High-Quality Designs, and Personalized Services


Catering to All Property Sellers, Whether Full Staging or Specific Area Decor

Affordable and Expert:

Bringing You Affordable Rates Paired with Top-Notch Design Expertise

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How much does home staging cost?

We provide standardized quotes for homes of various sizes and styles, with the actual pricing subject to adjustments based on specific circumstances and requirements. Our pricing structure is flexible, ensuring fair assessments customised to individual needs and promoting transparent communication throughout the process.

How long does home staging take?

We prefer allocating a day for the setup, allowing ample time for meticulous detailing. This extended timeframe ensures a thorough refinement of every aspect, prioritising quality over haste. It allows us to enhance and perfect the staging with meticulous attention to detail.

What happens at the initial consultation and what steps follow it?

We will conduct an initial assessment at your residence to determine the desired design style. Following this, we will provide you with a detailed quotation. Should you choose to proceed, we will formalize the arrangement through a signed contract. Our designer will schedule a phone consultation two days in advance for precise measurements and to present the design proposal. The final step involves installation.

Can I display or choose my furniture?

Yes, however, we strongly recommend discussing with our designers and obtaining their suggestions before deciding on furniture selection. It is advised to prioritise communication with our design team for tailored recommendations that align seamlessly with your preferences and the desired aesthetic.

How Far in Advance Should I Notify You?

In case of emergencies, we are open to bookings in 5 days. However, we encourage you to provide a preferred notice period of at least two weeks. This advance notification allows us to better accommodate your needs and ensure a seamless experience. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Can I buy your furniture?

Sure! Any furniture used for staging is available for purchase, and we also offer a professional furniture retail service. Our staged furnishings are not only designed to enhance your home's appeal but can be acquired to complement your style. Explore our exclusive furniture retail options for a seamless transition from staging to a stylish, personalized living space.

Other questions

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.